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About Kodak Lens

Discover our brand history, including the invention of the first Kodak camera, ophthalmic lens products and the evolution of our lens design.

About Kodak Lens

Discover our brand history, including the invention of the first Kodak camera, ophthalmic lens products and the evolution of our lens design.

The Founder, George Eastman

He was a high school dropout, judged "not especially gifted" when measured against the academic standards of the day he was poor, but even as a young man, he took it upon himself to support his widowed mother and 2 sisters, one of whom had polio.

He began his business career as 14 year old office boy in an insurance company and followed that with work as a check in a local work.

George Eastman's ability to overcome financial adversity, gift for organisation and management, and his lively and intentive mind made him s successful entrepreneur by his mid-twenties and enabled him to detect Eastman Kodak Company to the forefront of American industry.


Kodak: A World Brand

Eastman introduced the first Kodak camera in 1888. Thanks to his intentive genius, anyone could now take pictures witha handheld camera simply by pressing a button. He coined the slogan, "You press the button, we do the rest", and within a year it became a well-known phrase.

Kodak remain as one of the most recognised consumer brands in the world.Everywhere you go, there is always Kodak.This extraordinary brand awareness has been created by Kodak's consistent marketing efforts from its early days, always featuring the joys and colours of life.


Kodak Lens: Exclusivity to Signet Armorlite

Signet Armorlite is a manufacturer of ophthalmic lenses. The company was founded in 1947, with headquarters in the United States and California (San Marcos). In 1992, Eastman Kodak signed a license agreement with Signet Armorlite for exclusive rights to use KODAK's premium premium ophthalmic lenses. Since then, the Kodak Lens brand has developed more than 50 ophthalmic products.


Signet Armorlite is now recognized as a leading innovator in ophthalmic lens products, from design through to manufacture. Through investing in the latest manufacturing technology and modern lens design practices Signet Armorlite is currently at the forefront of the digital freeform lens revolution.

A Kodak Lens for Everyone

Like George Eastman, who democratized the camera and film market with his Kodak, the Kodak Lens range is addressing the mass market where there is a good balance of value and volume. Our products are manufactured with the latest industrial technologies, without ignoring the brand promise of aspiration and affordability: A KODAK Lens for everyone.

The Kodak Brand Confidence

A wearers’ test organized in the US confirms one clear fact: The brand helps. Through a blind test, wearers did not see a real difference in the performance among 6 proposed lenses. However, once they were informed of the brands of each lens, 2 to 1 preferred Kodak Lenses. This helps create confidence in recommending Kodak Lens & improves customer satisfaction.

Kodak Lenses are more than just spectacle lenses—they are the gateway to an aspirational and inspirational lifestyle that can easily be turned into reality. Beauty inspires, colour inspires. A Kodak Lens inspires.